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GADRC Monthly Meeting: Grandmother Gael will lead us through a special Workshop Session. 264 Pitt St Sydney

Workshop: How to convince others about refugee children in detention


“Words that Work” is a major research project that tested and recommended the most effective way to convince other Australians they should consider a more humane approach to people seeking asylum .


Many of the refugee action groups we work alongside are now adopting this new communication technique in the hope it will help us win the hearts and minds of the public. Some are organising training sessions to share with their members so we are sending Grandmother Gael Walker along to Oxfam’s workshop this weekend.

Gael’s brief is to identify everything relevant to Grandmothers Against Detention of Refugee Children and then prepare a special workshop session at our June meeting. The aim is for us to participate in this workshop and enjoy doing some practical sessions together. The outcome we want is to feel confident using these promising new approaches to help people start thinking about how best to support and remove all refugee children from detention.