New UN assistant high commissioner for protection urges Scott Morrison to use political mandate for more humane refugee policy

Gillian Triggs says 'vindictive point-scoring' behind Coalition's medevac repeal.
“It is obviously very worrying that some countries are pointing to Australia as having an approach that they think is worth emulating,” she said. “You can’t stick your head in the sand.”

Triggs said she was hopeful the Australian prime minister, Scott Morrison, who is the architect of the current offshore detention regime, would “bring it back to the sensible middle” as public sentiment shifts.

“I think it’s in his interests that he does it because the Australian public view is changing and I think it would take the matter off the political agenda and help him get back on with what he wants to do, which is manage the economy and create jobs.

“He has it in him to adopt a more humane policy, and he’s practically won the election single-handedly and he has an enormous mandate and power, and he should use it to bring back Australia to policies that the Australian people are much more comfortable with.”