WHAT WE CURRENTLY KNOW: Stats 19/02/2019

Offshore processing statistics 12.2.19. Source; Refugee Council of Australia & stats for mainland Australia

  • Around 420 people on Nauru, 4 children due to depart soon for the US

  • Just under 600 adults are on Manus.

  • 838 people have been removed or returned to their country of origin.

  • At the end of 2017/18 financial year 122 children were on Nauru

  • For this this period (to 30.9.18.) 37 children had been transferred to Australia for medical treatment,  the average stay on Nauru for these children  was 1,403 days

  • Refugees living on Nauru have now been mostly transferred to live in the Nauruan community.

  • The Manus Island centre was forcibly closed in October 2017 when there were 690 men there. Most of the men are now living in three centres on Manus, East Lorengau Regional Transcit Centre, West Lorengau Haus and Hillside Haus. Others are in Port Moresby for medical reasons, undergoing processes to be resettled in the US, awaiting transfer to Nauru, or pending return and removal.  Others are in Australia for medical reasons.

  • As at 22 October 2018, 188 people had been rejected by the US, mostly on Nauru (151 people). Most of these were adults (78 of them single adult males), and almost half of these were from Iran (91 people).

  • 456 have been resettled in the US of the indicative 1,250 that the US agreed to resettle more than two years ago).

  • Six children remain in locked detention in the MITA (Melbourne). A seven year old Tamil boy, (now attending school thanks to the intervention of Pamela Curr activist) two small children from Nauru, the two little girls from Biloela and a baby from Vietnamese parents, born in Australia.

  • There are 288 children with their families in community detention. There are 2501 children with their families in the community on Bridging Visas Class E.

  • As far as can be determined, there are no children under guard in motels or other places in the community.