RNZ: Canada group rescues refugees from PNG's Bomana prison

"There's a lot of funding coming in, actually from Australians, of all people. Perhaps they see the harm that's been done to these guys and I don't know if it's a guilt thing or... If people think the Australian refugee policy is horrendous and inhumane and brutal, it's just a very important lesson that you have to distinguish the government from the people that it represents. They're often very different."


Who’s right about Medevac airlifts to Australia – the doctors or Peter Dutton? Max Costello

…However, since the treating doctors have all said “inpatient care required” (for patients with about 91% and 97% mental and physical illness rates), yet only about 10% of them are getting that care, Dutton’s ABF minions are evidently performing a ‘dog in the manger’ role, preventing most transferees from getting what they need (at least for the time being) – that is, sabotaging Medevac.


'Someone has to do it': Australians sponsor refugees into Canada

Australian expats in Canada, alarmed at the deteriorating mental health of many asylum seekers in offshore detention, have formed a network to raise funds and lodge applications to bring refugees to their adopted homeland.



It’s a human crisis that has shocked me to the core. Just a handful remain on Manus Island now, the rest scattered throughout Port Moresby, recognised as one of the most dangerous cities in the world.

I have met mostly young men in their late 20s or early 30s. Though they came here as teenagers, in the prime of their life, their youth has been stolen. Hopes of going to university, starting their careers, having a family... all lost to them. They are doctors, musicians, marketing executives, social workers and even athletes.


Scott Morrison's captain's call inserts medevac critic Sarah Henderson as chair of human rights committee

The committee has a strong history of issuing bipartisan reports when it scrutinises legislation.

Last month, the committee expressed concerns about the Government's medevac repeal bill, including the adequacy of access to health care and the right to health for those held under regional processing arrangements and the extent to which the repeal of the medical transfer provisions would, "restrict access to health care for those held on Nauru and Manus Island".

Other MPs and senators on the committee were only informed of Senator Henderson's appointment this morning.